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10 Things you should know when traveling to Mexico during pandemic

Can’t wait to explore a new destination and you can leave your country at this time? I believe most of you by now would have a positive answer on this…So, I don’t see even one reason why that wouldn’t be Mexico! The hottest destination lately for a very good reason. From the amazing cuisine, rich culture, welcoming locals, home to the numerous animals and plant species…Yes, I could go on and on for so long…

But let’s first start of with the most important things you should know if you are heading there during ongoing world pandemic:

1. Which documents do you need to enter the country?

Required documents to enter the country
Ready to fly after over a year, The Belgrade Airport

Believe it or not…just a Mexican visa and you will need approximately 15 days or so to get one, depending on the country you are coming from.

The great news is that if you have a tourist US visa you can enter with it and of course US citizens don’t require one. 

Other than that, no other documentation is required. Which means, no PCR test, proof of vaccination, quarantine…Apart from super long flights if you are traveling from Europe, there is pretty much nothing else you should worry about.

2. What to expect at the airport when you arrive in Mexico?

Entering the country was quite a pleasant experience for me. We went through immigration quickly. Although you need information on your return flight, the address you will stay at and a health immigration form which you will receive in the plane. Be sure to keep part of that form returned by immigration officer until you leave the country. 

Next step…we went through quick inspections by the officer, where all of our bags were checked. Remember not to take any food items from the plane, as no food, fruits and unsealed packages are allowed to be taken into the country! Please don’t spend your vacation budget the first day for the fine!

Also if you are bringing a large amount of medication for your stay, be sure you have a doctor’s prescription, just in case. 

And guess what? That was it! No temperature check, additional forms to be filled…

Once you step out of the sliding door of the airport, you are instantly in paradise! So enjoy it to the fullest…

3. The best way to get from Cancun to Playa Del Carmen?

The best way to get from Cancun to Playa Del Carmen
The private van we rented out online , Playa Del Carmen

There are several options available for you, depending on your budget. The road is mainly highway and it takes approximately 1 hr drive.

You can choose from the bus which is definitely the cheapest option. For the cost of 12$ per person, you have secured yourself safe and reliable transportation. After you pass the baggage claim, look for the ADO bus counter and pick a seat. The great news is, they operate frequently every day of the week.

If you are looking for the more convenient option, that would definitely be a taxi. For about $ 60-70$ per ride, your taxi driver will safely take you to your hotel. Stop by the taxi counter at the airport and find the best rate. You may even try to negotiate a round trip for the better deal. Be sure you have cash with you, as they don’t accept the cards. 

The most comfortable option is a private transfer which you can arrange ahead of time. I went for this option, as we were with a child and I can tell you, the service was worth every penny. The price is around 100$ round trip, where a driver will wait for you, accommodate a comfortable van with an AC and share some valuable information along the way. We went for the “Meet Playa Transfers”  and didn’t regret it.

For all those Uber and Lift lovers, I have to break the news…there aren’t any in Mexico!

4. Is it safe to travel here during a pandemic?

Is it safe to travel here during a pandemic?
Public beach, Playa Del Carmen

Have they heard of the Corona pandemic in Mexico? They sure did…but spending one month here made me forget about it!

It’s praiseworthy that measures are followed in most places…you will have temperature checked and hands sanitized before entering the shops, restaurants, markets, masks are mandatory in closed areas…while outside the situation is a little bit different.

5. What are the restrictions across the country?

If you take a stroll in the pedestrian zone you can see numerous restaurants  having live music within outdoor space and only employees wearing masks, but gusts aren’t required to do so.

Do you wonder how the situation is at the beaches? I have to say that the majority of the beach clubs maintain distance…beach chairs are laid further away from each other, workers are wearing masks…but if you visit areas outside of them, hm…you could only be asked what social distance is? 

At the end of the day, no matter how strict restrictions are somewhere, it’s on us to make the best judgment and take care of ourselves, don’t you agree? Let’s be responsible!

6. What to expect as a tourist?

What to expect as a tourist?
Strolling down 5th Avenue, Playa Del Carmen

Mexico has four different “light system” restrictions. Some areas are marked off as red with maximum restrictions, orange means limited capacity in public areas, yellow allows people to work normally and public gatherings are more relaxed and green means there are no restrictions. 

From the beginning of May there are no states marked off under red, while the majority of them are under orange and yellow. 

I was based in Quintana Roo and that area in particular was listed as orange, at the moment of my travels. Yet, things are changing day by day, so be sure you check that out before your trip.

7. Where can you do a PCR or Antigen test if your country requires one to re-enter?

Despite the rapid vaccination process across the globe, most of the countries still require PCR or Antigen tests to enter the country. This is also one of those information that changes very often and if you want the fastest way to be informed, here is my favorite site to do so – Tripsguard.

If you happen to require one, don’t worry, as each city has multiple locations where you can do your PCR or Antigen test. They are open all day long and for the price of 100$ for the PCR and 15-20$ for Antigen, within only 24 hours, your results will be ready to collect them.

8. Is it recommended to have health insurance?

I would definitely recommend you to have one and most importantly to be sure that your insurance covers the cost of potential covid illness. Remember, better be safe than sorry, as medical help isn’t cheap.

9. Things you shouldn't overlook:

Things you shouldn't overlook
5th Avenue, Playa Del Carmen
  • Documentation requirement to enter the country (Most recent)
  • Get health insurance
  • If planning to use busses, ADO is the best and safest bus company in the country
  • Book your accommodation in gated stays
  • Be aware of the seaweed and windy season
  • If you require constant internet connection, choose Telcel SIM card
  • Don’t drink tap water
  • Don’t use ATM’s 
  • Don’t take any food items from the plane, as you will pay a fine

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