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Unique vacation experience - Help baby turtles to hatch

Helping baby turtles to hatch? Yes, you read it right. Imagine yourself watching a baby turtle struggling to find its way out of the nest and stepping up as a hero helping them achieve that…it could be the proudest moment in your life. For me it really was!

Making your way from the hot white sand to the sea to refresh… Oh, what a feeling! Well now, you can imagine being a baby turtle making the same way while discovering a new life just in front of you. Can you think of anything more astonishing? Yeah, I didn’t think so!

Ever since I found out about this adventure, this has been a dream of mine. Now I just can’t tell you enough how impressive and emotional this experience has been. Holding those baby animals for a moment, being aware of the importance of these crucial moments for their survival, filled my heart like never before.

Want to know more about Sea Turtles and why this process is so unique?

Every year mama’s turtles head to the exact same place to nest. She will dig the hole and lay her eggs, but she returns to the sea, leaving her nest and the eggs to develop on their own. It may sound cruel, but this is the Code of Nature, simply like that. The incubation time varies depending on environmental conditions (sand temperature) but usually takes 45 to 70 days. The whole area is monitored by marine biologists to ensure the eggs are protected and marked accordingly.

Each nest is marked and has its own date (when the eggs are laid)
Each nest is marked and has its own date (when the eggs are laid)

After hatching, the young turtles begin a 3 to 7 days long adventure of digging their way to the surface. Unhappily, most of them do not succeed. For those who made it, trouble doesn’t end there…it’s time for them to move on next level of these life-changing games by getting used to waves and the sea. The truth is that it takes almost 2 days for them to achieve that. It’s such a huge amount of time for these vulnerable creatures.

Finally, after entering the ocean, many of them are rarely seen for 1 to 3 years. Researches calling those “lost years.” Most remain within 15 km of land.

So how can I help them hatch?

Digging the hole, trying to reach out the nest
Digging the hole, trying to reach out the nest
One of the eggs found in the nest
One of the eggs found in the nest
My first encounter with a baby turtle
My first encounter with a baby turtle
Posing with a baby turtle, just to capture this unique moment
Posing with a baby turtle, just to capture this unique moment

Led by a trained biologist guide, you will get a chance to rescue those ‘less fortunate’ baby turtles by digging them out. Every night turtles emerge from the nest, but quite a few of them, as we mentioned, stay trapped in the sand finding their way to the surface.

This is where you come up…Helping those baby turtles without enough strength to make their way to the sea. Who wouldn’t love to save all those babies, watching them popping up out and making their first steps toward the sea? 

Where and when can I participate in this activity?

Just helped another baby turtle to come out of her nest
Just helped another baby turtle to come out of her nest

If you would love to have the same experience, book your next trip to Mexico, just because out of seven species, six of them arriving right here and be sure to do that from June to early November.

Hey…don’t forget to add this tour to your planner early in advance as it tends to be sold out. I have participated in Cozumel island, but there are other places too:

  • Pacific Coast (Mazatlan, Costalegre, Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo, Oaxaca),
  • Baja California Sur (Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo),
  • Yucatan Coast (Akumal, Rio Lagartos).

If you are not heading to Mexico any time soon, you will be happy to hear that there are several resorts around the world you can visit and still enjoy in this activity.

Sea turtles clearly have an exceptional taste in the amazing coastline. They all love to be surrounded by sandy, wide and warm beaches. But no, not for sun tanning…for the process of nesting.

Those resorts went above and beyond to protect nesting and hatching turtles, while tourists happily shared with them this piece of paradise. Luckily, as a part of your vacation, you can participate in these unforgettable moments. Here is the list of those resorts located outside of Mexico:

Be one of the few people who have the opportunity to be part of this beautiful process!

How to prepare for the trip and what to bring?

Due to the high temperature, be sure you wear comfortable clothes, carry with you a bottle of water and a snack. As the activity is happening on the beach, don’t wear closed-toe shoes as they will get full of sand and wet (don’t ask me how I know that). Instead, sandals would be the best choice. Insect repellent is highly recommended, as there were loads of flies around the nests. Sunscreen lotion is mandatory!

Be the coolest person in a group- learn some interesting facts about Sea Turtles before you head for an adventure:

Watching baby turtles make their first steps toward the sea
Watching baby turtles make their first steps toward the sea
  • Only 1 in 1000 sea turtles will survive and live to adulthood.
  • They have been around on Earth for 130 million years, and today they are endangered.
  • Temperatures during egg incubation will determine the sex…if the temperature is higher…welcome a female turtle.
  • A baby turtle is only 2 inches long but grows into 2 feet long.
  • Mama turtles don’t mind traveling thousands of miles to nest her eggs in the exact same place where she was born.

When you decide to participate in this adventure, make sure you say Hi to an adorable fleet of tiny shells with legs timidly strolling towards the beach, from me, please. Even if you are not a nature lover, witnessing this unforgettable experience will change your mind forever!

Let me know if you have experienced it before and what was your experience like? Or perhaps are you thinking about it right now? Can’t wait to hear from you.


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