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Packing for your cruise, wondering which items those ‘PRO’ cruisers carry with them and you are not aware of? Luckily for you, I have been your eyes onboard for years now and I’m so happy to share all their secrets with you.

Yes, you packed all your summer dresses, bathing suit, sunscreen lotion, but you still have a feeling you have forgotten something important. And the funny thing is…you don’t even know what that might be!

Well, here is a list of all those useful items that will make your life much easier on board and ashore:

1. Copy of your documents

Keep in mind that if you are age 16 and older, you will be required to carry your picture ID of any kind with you when you leave the ship in ports of call. This way, you won’t worry about losing them in the port.

2. ‘Elegant night’ clothes

There will be organized an ‘elegant night’ or even 2, for cruises longer than 5 days, so elegant clothes are a must. But hold on…When I say elegant clothes, I mean all those dresses you ladies bought for your best friend’s wedding or a New Year’s Eve, and gents pack those bow ties and your best-fitted suit. You want to blend in, don’t you? This is the only way to do so. My sister won’t forget me even a year later why I didn’t tell her this, as she looked like she was one of a kind on her first cruise (obviously not in a good way).

3. Towel clips

There is nothing worse than having the perfect positioned lounge chair around the pool, but once you return from the restroom your towel flew away and someone else is sipping a cocktail on your chair. Guess what, the first available chair is two decks up! Such a bummer!

4. Lanyard

Yes, I know it may sound silly. But if you have a lanyard sitting in your drawer, drop it in your suitcase, it will be the most necessary item to hang your room key. Don’t tell me I didn’t tell you.

5. A tiny purse

Ladies, there is nothing that comes more in handy onboard than a small purse to pack your essentials.

6. Outlet adapter

Be ready to plug all of your electronics while in the cabin. And don’t think that guest services will provide one for all of your gadgets. Noup! In fact, it is good to know that extension cords are not allowed on board, so even if you have one, leave it at home.

7. Hoodie or a light jacket

You will cruise in the Caribbean, true! But inside the ship is quite chilly at all times. And you don’t want to miss trivia games or God forbade some ruffle prizes just because you are too cold to stay inside the ship for some time.

8. Dollar bills

It is always great to give something a little extra to your bartender or a room service waiter who brought you much wanted food at midnight.

9. A refillable cup/bottle

Those glasses are so tiny! Who would want to get up from your lounge chair every 5 minutes to refill a glass? I know, I wouldn’t.

10. A small nightlight

If you are traveling with kids you would definitely want to have one of these. During the night, the cabin (especially the interior one) gets so dark and you will want to have some light for their comfort. Even for yourself…If you wake up and want to use a restroom, navigating through a small and dark cabin can be a mission impossible.

And ultimately…make sure you bring your positive energy and some patience (just in case!) and leave behind all you worry.

Don’t forget to drop in a comment If you know of any items other cruisers should be aware of.


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