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Have you ever wondered what is like walking on an ocean floor?

For all of my snorkeling lovers who think that swimming in gorgeous blue waters and observing the underwater world is incredible, you have to know about this tour right away!

But let me first ask you… Have you ever thought how great would be to literally walk on the ocean floor and have a moment to unify with all these lovely species?

See, I simply love snorkeling! Still…really get me crazy when water sneaking inside my mask, fogging my glass and stopping me to enjoy as much as I would. And above all…a nightmare for my hairstyle (ladies, you will understand what I’m saying), when hair gets wet, and there are thousands of pictures waiting for me to shine on for the rest of the day. Not to mention that some of my friends avoid snorkeling as they struggle to see everything just because they need prescription glasses…Well this turned out to be the perfectly tailored adventure for all of us.

What is actually a Helmet dive adventure?

Just imagine wearing nothing but your swimsuit, wet shoes, and a helmet that covers your head until shoulders, giving you an incredible opportunity not only to hand-feed all different types of fish but to touch a sea urchin, sea cucumber, starfish and many more species you come along the way.

Don’t worry, a helmet provides the air, weight, and stability to walk comfortably in the water and ultimately, friendly staff is there to assist you.

Did I mention that you can enjoy this adventure even if you are not a swimmer?

Is it different from snorkeling?

Oh yes! If some of you wonder, it is a completely different and unique experience. You will no longer have to be satisfied watching the National Geographic channel and their underwater episodes, you will fully feel and taste the same experience by yourself.

Why wouldn’t you be Nemo’s best friend for a day? The coolest thing of all is that you don’t have a feeling you jumped into their underwater world and interrupted, you will literally feel like a part of it. I mean…yes, some of the species might be faster than you, but I’m sure you will forgive them, they are all so friendly, it seems like they were waiting just for you to join them all along. And let me tell you the secret, you will come across so many different type of species, you never even heard of – Sea feather, trumpet fish, four-eyed butterfly fish…and many more. Or was that just me?

Love it…Where can you participate in this tour?

If I tickled your curiosity with this post, you can do this incredible adventure in Aruba, St Thomas (Virgin Islands), Cozumel (Mexico), Playa Del Carmen (Xel-ha and Xcaret park in Mexico), Efate Island (Vanuatu), Great Barrier Reef (Australia), Roatan (Honduras), Somerset Village (Bermuda), Bora Bora (French Polynesia), Boracay Island (Phillippines) – whichever place you visit first.

But that’s not it…

After completion of this amazing tour (in Aruba), you will even receive a certificate for your underwater achievement. How cool is that? Mine, for example, got a special place on the wall!

As a wrap up…this is surely once in a lifetime opportunity to walk and breathe freely while exploring the ocean wonders. I loved every moment of it.

Would you like to try this out? And please, let me know your experience in comments below. I can’t wait to hear them.


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