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Whether you are a brand, travel agency, cruise, or tour company, fellow blogger I’m so excited to earn your interest.

With my worldwide travel and adventure experience blended into a joyful voice, your company/product will get that wanted sparkle and awake the further interest you are looking for.

Who are my followers?

The most diverse group of people from all around the globe, but they sure have something in common. They love me for my positivity, adventure spirit, honesty and they are open to try, taste and seek new experiences. They fully trust my recommendations, thus I don’t accept projects unless they align entirely with my brand values and benefit my readers. 

What is my writing about?

My writing aims to INSPIRE (expand horizons about famous places and their hidden gems known only among locals), GUIDE (reveal the most unique and undercover travel facts and tips which will make their future travel unforgettable), and ultimately ENCOURAGE and EMPOWER people to explore unknown places and fell the different taste of places they have already seen.

How can we work together?

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